Faversham Creek Housing

The brief was to design housing on the banks of the Creek, within a flood zone, while considering the wider Urban implications.


This project aimed to regenerate Faversham Creek. After considering the wider urban area, we were tasked with designing a mixed-use development for one of the sites along the creek. Housing was the main focus, but as the site was in a high flood risk area, the bottom floor of the buildings could not be residential.

We worked from the recently finalised Neighbourhood Plan, which gave restrictions and suggestions for each of the possible sites. The site I chose had no public access, despite being right next to the creek, so I started from scratch.

I wanted to improve access, especially for pedestrians, so I introduced a boardwalk along the water's edge, forming a circular walk. A new pedestrian bridge was a key part, as it made it much easier to cross the creek, the only existing crossing point being a small road bridge.  

I felt the site itself should have space for the community, so the ground floor of my buildings catered for this. I designed a nursery in one building, with the other allocated as a general community space. Each of the buildings also contained three floors of apartments, with a residents-only covered roof terrace above.

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Faversham Creek Housing


Faversham Creek Housing

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Faversham Creek Housing