Sheerness Museum and library

THe Brief was to Adapt and extend the nineteenth-Century church, converting it to a museum and art gallery.

The museum and art gallery focuses on the maritime and aeronautical history of Sheerness-on-Sea, and the rest of the Isle of Sheppey. This involves restoring, adapting and extending the Sheerness Royal Naval Dockyard Church. The church is a Grade II* listed building, but after being gutted in a fire in 2001, is currently derelict and on Historic England's Heritage At Risk Register.


These plans, sections and elevations were drawn for the final submission of the Dockyard Church project.  

The landscaping is a continuation of the bubble-like shapes from inside the extension, expanding to fill the site. These include exterior seating for the café, and a war memorial. The paths through the site cut through almost all of the circles, creating a smooth path between them, as they are all slightly different heights.

Site Plan and landscaping.

The percentage of paved (hard) verses planted (soft) landscaping.

Site Section AA.

Site Section BB.

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan.


Church Section.


Long Section.

Sheerness Dockyard Church


Concept Model


Sheerness Dockyard Church

Construction and Environment

Sheerness Dockyard Church