The brief was to design a replacement for Sheerness's existing sports centre and swimming pool.

Due to Sheppey’s naval and ex-military connections, my design focuses on rehabilitation alongside the Aquatics Centre. As well as a swimming pool and gym, there is a hydrotherapy pool and rooms of various sizes for both mental and physical rehabilitation.


These pencil sketches are meant to give an impression of what it would be like to be inside and use the Aquatics Centre.

I wanted to explore how the laminated timber structure with wood cladding and glazing would impact the feeling of walking around the building. This included the large atrium, other ancillary spaces and the views out over the rest of the landscape.

Entrance from under the Light Rail.

Reception and entrance to the swimming changing rooms.

Café under the balcony, and the entrance to the more private therapy area.

View from the balcony, down to the atrium and out to the landscape.

Pool hall.

Corridor to therapy rooms.

An individual therapy room, with a door to the outside.

Sheppey Aquatics Centre


Structural Model

Sheppey Aquatics Centre


Sheppey Aquatics Centre