Sheppey Aquatics and Rehabilitation Centre

The brief was to design a replacement for Sheerness's Existing Sports Centre and Swimming Pool.

Due to Sheppey’s naval and ex-military connections, my design focuses on rehabilitation alongside the Aquatics Centre. As well as a swimming pool and gym, there is a hydrotherapy pool and rooms of various sizes for both mental and physical rehabilitation.

Sheppey Light Rail

Currently when you step out of Sheerness train station you are greeted with a major road and a McDonalds. I wanted to improve that experience.

I also wanted to improve public transport links to the rest of the Isle of Sheppey from Sheerness, and vice versa. This allows the rest of the island better access to the railway and, beyond that, mainland England.

So Sheppey Light Rail was born.

Inspired by the DLR in London, or the Tyne and Wear Metro, the track would be raised above ground level. In places where there are raised walkways at the same level, such as near Sheerness rail station, the tracks would be safe to walk over, or have crossing points, like the trams in Blackpool or Berlin.

My rough layout has the Light Rail track above major roads in towns. In Sheerness, this means passengers would have views out to sea towards Southend and East Anglia. The maps below show the main stations only, like bus timetables, but in urban areas there would be more stations than just those list. Sheerness, for example has four stations on the main map (if you include Barton's Point), but would have at least eight in the full list.

Aquatics Centre SLR Station

The main stations of the SLR.

Station and Walkway Map

Annotated OS Map, showing the route of the SLR and important places.

Structural Model

Sheppey Aquatics Centre


Sheppey Aquatics Centre


Sheppey Aquatics Centre