Stained Glass Warehouse

This was not a university project. Instead, it was inspired by a podcast.

BONANZA!'s tagline used to be "A very important show about nothing in particular." Just Matt Alexander and Myke Hurley sitting in front of microphones discussing whatever came to mind.

Recently though, they have pivoted to discussing Myke's upcoming wedding. Even though the focus may have changed, the show is still, in essence, the same. Episode 26 is the first episode of this change, with them focussing on the (fictional) location.

Just over five minutes in, they said this, ultimately inspiring not one, but two, pieces of artwork:

"The old Warehouse-With-Stained-Glass-Windows trick"
"I don't know if stained-glass windows and skylights go together?" 

--- Matt Alexander and Myke Hurley,

Episode 26, BONANZA: The Wedding Year

Concept Sketch

Listening to the live recording, the conversation stood out to me; I could see what a stained-glass warehouse would look like. 

So I grabbed the stationery I had at hand - my notepad, pencil and felt tip pens - and drew a quick concept sketch. 

I thought that would be it.

Version 1

However, four days later I couldn't get the idea out of my head!

I worked on this in my free time for ten days. It's the first architectural-style drawing that I've done with my Wacom graphics tablet. It's almost the most complicated thing I've drawn in Corel Painter Essentials, the software I use for computer sketching. I enjoyed experimenting with different brush and layer styles to get the effect that I wanted, especially for the windows.

The stained glass window on the short/south wall is based on one in St Martin-in-the-Fields, the church in Trafalgar Square. Deciding the rest of the stained glass designs was pretty challenging. I wanted something colourful and simple, but not religious or involving figures. So I based the stained glass designs on the artwork of other podcasts on BONANZA!'s network, RelayFM. I'm really proud of how they turned out.

Click the images to see bigger versions.

After finishing the drawing, I listened to the released episode. This time,  a later section of the same conversation stood out:

"What if we just installed a ceiling-based stained-glass window that covers the whole ceiling?"
"We just make it a Stained-Glass-Roof!" 

--- Matt Alexander and Myke Hurley,

Episode 26, BONANZA: The Wedding Year

Version 2

The idea of a full stained-glass roof reminded me of the Imperial War Museum in London, as well as various Foster & Partners work - the British Museum in London, the Reichstag in Berlin, The Sage in Gateshead and Canary Wharf Crossrail station. After looking at even more precedents, I started modifying the drawings. 

Five days later, I had finished the new drawing.

Click the images to see bigger versions.